How To get a 25 % discount on Online Turbo Tax

To take advantage of any online discount or sale one obviously needs a computer and internet access.  Searching online for Turbo Tax and a possible discount will likely lead the searcher to one or more stock brokerage sites.  Stock broker companies such as Fidelity, Scottrade, eTrade, and so on have been the places to go to and find the best discount for Turbo Tax.  Currently, most of the stock broker sites have Turbo Tax for sale at a discount of 25%.  It is a nice deal but it does come with a requirement – the purchaser does have to have an account with the stock broker.  The discount is for the stock broker’s clients, their registered members.  A person who wants this discount must be a member or become one. Becoming a registered member is not such a big deal, but it does mean that one has to provide the necessary information about demographics and some financial info to obtain the membership.  In some cases, but not all, the stock brokerage site will have little deals for signing up and getting a membership. At times some of the sites will offer a monetary deposit immediately into the account just for signing up.  It is not clear if that money becomes available for cashing out at any time, but if the person buying the discounted Turbo Tax has any interest in also trading stocks this certainly becomes a rather sweet deal.

Purchasing the discounted copy of Turbo Tax itself is a fairly easy series of task.  Simply follow the links and fill out the necessary information just as if one were buying Turbo Tax at full retail.  For a person who is dedicated to using Turbo Tax having the stock brokerage membership does have an added long term benefit, and that is to be able to purchase Turbo Tax from year to year at the discounted rate. 

An even greater advantage to having a membership to a stock brokerage that has a relationship to Turbo Tax is that in the event the membership account is actually used, and if there is tax impacts from the trading activity one has during the year, it is very likely that the brokerage site has a Turbo Tax friendly download of the year’s activity to make it easy to determine what actual tax impacts one has.  That is a great benefit all on its own.  Take the time to research this on each of the trading companies’ sites before deciding which one to use.  Over time a person’s trading activity can become heavier than one considers.  With the involvement of buying price, selling price, how long the stock or asset was held, and any commissions paid on both the buying and the selling can become a bit nightmarish when doing one’s taxes.  Signing up on a site and committing to the site and Turbo Tax is a fairly important decision but it will likely be a long term relationship that will bring lasting benefits to the buyer.

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