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How To Find Free Legal Forms

For the person armed with a computer, online access and a printer, getting access to free legal forms is in itself not an issue.  Many transactions that occur in various industries involve legal transactions that do not necessarily require the involvement of an attorney, but do require the use of a legal form for a submission or an exchange or for a transaction closure.  Although such forms are required by law or industry process, for the most part these forms are available online and are free.

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Often the initial issue is pinpointing the exact form that is needed for the current transaction in a filing or a process.  Sometimes forms are unique due to state or region or industry or government agency or whatever other criteria the law calls for.  If a filer uses an incorrect form, the court or governing group will simply reject the filing until the proper form is submitted.  As in any search online, patience is a must.  Also, the searcher needs to know very clearly what form is being sought.  If a person is not quite sure as to what form and process is necessary, sites called out that provide great help are Nolopedia and the “Lectric Law Library”.  Experts listed a number of other sites, some industry or regionally specific.  Such websites named were ones called “Findlaw”, “Lawinfo” and “Findforms”.  Each of these sites forms were listed as being for free.  Another source of assistance can be the country clerk or court magistrate’s office that will be involved in the process and filing.  There is sometimes a resource that can give direct help by visiting or phoning this individual.  State court systems are another excellent source for those forms that this particular court will process.  Because the forms under discussion here are legal forms, the forms are typically accompanied by very detailed instructions on how to fill out the form, but also on the process leading up to the form and what is supposed to be done with the form once is has been carefully, completely, and correctly filled out.  Keep explanation as short as possible for clarity, but be sure to fully answer what is requested.  Part of every process is a potential deadline between the steps in a process and that will include getting, filling out, and filing a form.  Being on time can also have legal consequences if it does not occur as required.  When a number of days are stated for a deadline, if the filing is for a court, then it is in “court business days” – find out what that is.  Otherwise it is in regular business days unless it states calendar days.  Have another person read instructions and review the filled out form before one does one’s filing to insure that one understood the process and forms and deadlines correctly, and that each filled out form was filled out correctly.

If one cannot locate the necessary form online do not delay in calling the group involved in the filing.  Time easily gets eaten away when one is trying to locate something, then once located, get one’s hands on it to use it as needed.  Diligence and patience are key.


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