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How To Find A Manufacturer’S FDA Registration Number

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was founded in 1906 to better manage the public health of the United States with respect to goods and services. The manufacturer’s FDA registration number is required for all companies producing, distributing or selling goods in the nation. Here is how to find a manufacturer’s FDA registration number.

“Food and Drug Administration Policies”

The FDA has been given the duty of protecting American public health by regulating food manufacturing, cosmetics, prescription drugs, medical devices and electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED). This department is under the larger United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In order to produce, distribute or sell food or drugs in the United States, a company must have a manufacturer’s FDA registration number. You should be able to find the number in the Registration and List System. You will see that the manufacturer’s are broken down by category in this public database.

Once you find the correct list (i.e. cosmetics) you can search by company name, owner name or product code. The listings might be under the Access Data FDA Gov website link.

“Registration Number Purpose”

The registration number assists the FDA in protecting the American population against dangerous, unhealthy, unsafe or faulty foods or drugs. Companies must prove their legitimacy by registering and paying fees. This money will be used to pay for the inspectors who will ensure the manufacturing facilities are clean and up to code. If there is contamination or a health risk, the FDA can quickly locate the manufacturer location to prevent a more damaging outbreak.

When the FDA has any updated regulations, it can contact the companies in its database. If the ownership of a company changes, the new owners must update the relevant FDA records. Some industries may require annual registrations to ensure all of the data is current.

Attorneys may need these manufacturer’s FDA registration numbers when filing lawsuits. This will help in identifying the proper business when product or business names may be similar. The FDA public database is confirmation of the company’s recognition of FDA rules and an inherent promise to abide, comply and follow all public health laws in the United States.

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