How To Do Birth Certificate Translations

As people move from country to country, they might run across a situation when they will need to translate their birth certificate into another language. They must be careful that the translation is done by a professional because this is an official document. Here is how to do Birth Certificate Translations.

First Public Identification Document

One of the first things you should do for a Birth Certificate Translation is to look up the rules for each nation. For example, if you were born in Country A and live in Country B, then what does Country B require to validate the authenticity of your birth certificate? Most governments will require the following for your birth certificate as a minimum:

<li>Birth date</li>
<li>Parental names</li>
<li>Issuing seal</li>

Some might require finger prints or foot prints also.

The essential challenge for a birth certificate translation is the approval seal. Some governments will not accept a copy or embassy-issued birth certificate. Thus, with your translation, an official certification may be required. Secondary evidence may be acceptable with some governments.

Professional Translator

There are many online sites offering Birth Certificate Translations. You can send them a .Pdf, Microsoft Word document or even an audio tape of you reading your birth certificate. Be careful of which service you select. Some might use a form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – this is a computer reading or listening to your document. This can lead to errors. You want a live human translating your document.

You should get a certified translation by a native speaker of the language. Also, ensure that the workers have signed strict confidentiality agreements to protect your information. Ask them what accuracy rate they will guarantee. This will also help you understand their method of transcription.

Your birth certificate is a very important document, you must make sure it is completely accurate. This is, of course, difficult when you don’t speak the language. So pick a true certified professional translator. It might make sense to have a third-party verify the accuracy of the completed Birth Certificate Translation just to be safe.

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