How to Check a USCIS Case Status

The process of applying for a visa, for residency, for naturalization and finally for citizenship can be trying on the nerves of any immigrant to the United States. It can take months or even years for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to process a form, conduct interviews, process more forms and make a final judgment.

In the mean time, it can be helpful to know how to check on your or your family member’s case status. If you’ve changed addresses, if something has happened or if you simply haven’t heard from the USCIS in awhile, you may want to make sure that your pathway to citizenship is going smoothly. There are also certain time-sensitive deadlines that USCIS must meet if you are to meet other deadlines in your immigration process, so you will want to stay on top of your case status.

Ways to Check a USCIS Case Status

You can check your case status by phone, by email, in person or online. The only piece of information you need to check your status is your 13-character case number. This number can be found on your I-797 Notice of Approval to begin the application process. Be sure to save this number for your records! Do not lose it!

To check your case status by phone, call 1-800-375-5283 and follow the automated instructions. You will not be speaking to an individual, and this number may be busy, so try again and again until you get it. Follow the instructions when you get the automated voice and be sure to have your case number on hand.

To check your case status by email, send a message to, the Office of Service Center Operations with your inquiry. Give ten days to receive a response.

To check your case status in person, set up an InfoPass appointment here and visit your local USCIS office at the appointed time. This may be the most effective way to check if you have questions, as you will be able to speak to an immigration officer in person.

Checking Your Case Status Online

By far the most popular way to check your USCIS case status is through the online service. Simply visit the Case Status Dashboard and type in your 13-character case number. Your immigration status will be one of nine possible statuses ranging from initial acceptance to card/document production, after which you will receive your card or document proving that you have become a resident or documented citizen of the United States.

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