How To Buy An In Car Breathalyzer Or Ignition Interlock System

When someone is convicted of a DUI or DWI, part of the consequences may be a restriction on their driving privileges. They may be required to install an in car Breathalyzer device or an ignition interlock system so they can legally drive. Typically, these devices are only required for a certain time period. After the expiration of that time, the device can be removed and the driver can legally drive without having to perform a breath test. Because in car Breathalyzer and ignition interlock systems are only needed on a temporary basis, it’s virtually impossible to purchase them. The vast majority of users simply lease the unit, which is a more cost effective option.

How to Lease a Breathalyzer or Ignition Interlock System

Each state has certain state approved vendors for these devices and systems. Basically, every state has unique requirements as far as calibration and reporting for drivers who are required to use these devices to drive. The state approved vendors understand these requirements in detail, and they can provide efficient, accurate reporting. Consumers should beware any companies that purport to lease these devices at massively discounted rates. They may not be state approved vendors and their devices may not meet the requirements of state law.

The attorney who represented you in court can likely provide you with a list of approved vendors in your area. Alternatively, the courthouse is normally another reliable resource. Internet searches for vendors may also be useful. Some vendors have a nationwide presence with numerous field offices.

How Much Does it Cost?

The good news is that you don’t have to purchase these devices and systems, as that would be cost prohibitive. Costs for installation, maintenance and monitoring are all covered by the defendant. If they cannot afford the expenses, the state they live in may provide some form of financial assistance. Installation generally costs between $80 and $175. Monthly monitoring usually runs about $65 to $85. Of course, the total cost involved will vary widely depending upon how many months the driver is required to have the device in their car.

Voluntary Use

Some drivers choose to lease a Breathalyzer or ignition interlock system voluntarily. They may do this to protect themselves and their family from driving impaired. Monthly lease rates tend to be slightly lower on voluntary devices as there are no reporting requirements and the calibration of the machines is different.

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