How to Avoid Paying for a CARFAX History Report

A CARFAX history report is an essential tool for car buyers these days with so many people seeming to be out to scam a buyer regardless of what the product is.  This report gives the buyer a very detail history of the car.  When a potential buyer is very interested in a particular used car, the report can provide info as to how many times the car was involved in an accident.  It may list the information as to what the damage was.  It will state whether or not the car damage was ever fixed. The only problem with the report is getting the report as many dealers will charge the potential buyer a fairly stiff amount to get a report. Then, if the buyer does not want the car, the buyer has lost the money on the report. Going about looking for a good used car can become rather expensive if the buyer continues to get CARFAX reports every time.  The odd thing about all of this wasteful cost for these reports is that it should not cost the potential buyer anything to get this detailed information.  Many dealers will provide the CARFAX reports at a reduced cost.  Some dealers will provide the reports free as a part of its marketing method.  It stands to reason that if a dealer has a good used car and an interested buyer it would make no sense to threaten the deal by charging the potential buy for a report that will likely make the deal.  Check local dealerships online for their charges for CARFAX reports. Also check these dealers for any particular car of interest.  Many dealers are members of a CARFAX reports group where the cost of a CARFAX report is greatly reduced or even free.  This reduced or no cost info about a CARFAX report would likely be on the dealer’s site as it would be an advantage in today’s tight buyers’ market.  When a buyer receives a CARFAX report for a vehicle, it would be prudent for the potential buyer to check the report to insure that it is an original print out and to confirm the vehicle id number on the report to the vehicle … just to make sure.  No honest dealer will protest.  If the salesman says something like, “You do not have to that, we are an honest dealership.” one can either leave immediately or check out the numbers and compare to see for one’s self.  The scam should be reported to the police or to CARFAX itself.  The only way to get rid of scammers is to report them to the police and take them out of circulation.  Another way of getting a CARFAX report at a reduced or no cost is go onto the CARFAX site and get a report from the site …. It is for free!  CARFAX does not charge for its reports to a consumer online.  That is a very nice option.  The CARFAX site even has an example of a report showing the various information that one would see.

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