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How to Apply for Minority Grants online

Before searching for grant money, the searcher should have a reason for wanting a grant.  That reason often provides the criteria the searcher will use in searching for one’s specific grant.  If the searcher is a minority that also becomes worthwhile search criteria for focusing in on a worthwhile grant.  Otherwise, the searcher could be just poking about and missing some very nice possibilities.  Monetary grants that are specific for one or more minority groups are readily found online by any worthwhile search engine, such as Google.  Minorities in categories are, for example, women, gays, and small populations of particular ethnic backgrounds, such as African-American, Hispanic, Alaskan Natives, and Hawaiian Natives.  A well-known source of grants is the Federal government through many of its myriad agencies and organizations.  The URL for the Federal government grants site is “”.  The site is well-developed, fairly usable and user-friendly.  It is worthwhile to search as the US Federal government is by far the biggest suite of grants in the entire world.  There many thousands of available grants through that site and it is changing often as grant programs complete and new ones are added. As stated by experts and experienced people, it is just a waste of money to pay someone else to do the searching that a person can do his or her self with the help of one’s computer, internet access, the URL, and a willingness to hunt through the forest of grants.

Some grant sites have applications that one will fill out and print down or print down then fill out, or even fill out and “submit” online in the site.  For printed forms, be sure to apply the address given correctly.  Any delay in getting an application to the decision makers can mean the difference between success and no so much.  Many if not most grants are variable in size, on a first come, first served basis, and have limited funds based on a program’s funding regardless of it being a federal grant or corporate sector.  As with any filing be careful to read instructions and fill out the application according to the instructions.  Take the time to provide the best presentation of one’s applicable skills on the application.  Always write the truth.  Lies damage more than one ever knows.

Most experts agree that a good approach is to apply for as many grants as one comes across that are worth applying for.  No one has a chance of getting a grant if no application is submitted for a grant.  As long as one qualifies for a grant go after it!  Typically the application for a grant can take up to two or three weeks minimally to process.  It is better to expect as much as a few months.  Be patient and keep searching for and applying for worthy grants. 

While minority grant applications are fewer in number, do not limit one’s self to just minority grants.  Any grant that fits into a person’s reason for seeking a grant is a grant worth pursuing.  No one ever knows how many people will apply for any one grant.


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