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How to Apply for a Free Government Grant Online

All of the activities for Government Grants that are applied for online go through a specific site, “”.  Applying for any government grant is always free.  It is a waste of money to buy a book on it or to pay someone else to “help” with the application process. It is free to apply, period.  The government is the biggest source of available grants in the nation. Experts in the field of grant provisioning say that there are literally thousands of possible grants available through the US government.  A few people complain that most of the grants appear to  for big and small businesses or local governments and not many are actually for the individual.  Maybe so, it is not really stated as such anywhere found so far.  Regardless, it may be well worth looking.  When one finds a grant to apply for and is ready to actually apply for a grant, the government system will collect a rather goodly amount of information about the applicant, background, finances, education, business experience and the like.  At some point the site will provide an “opportunity key” for the grant application the applicant is filing.  It is essential to write down this number as it is the government’s way of identifying the applicant for this grant application.  This number will also be used to identify all of the information filed for this application.  The applicant will be required to register on as an individual.  The opportunity number will also be required as a part of the registration process.  As a part of the online process, the site will require that the applicant use an electronic signature to legally bind the applicant to the information being filed for the application.  The government dislikes fraud immensely and expects the truth from its grant applicants.  It is always essential to understand that when providing the government information of a personal and financial nature that the government may likely cross-check the info with other of its databases. Bottom line: always tell the government the truth. The applicant will be required to choose a user identification name and a password and use that user id and password for any and all work the person applying does in conjunction with  Apply for as many grants as one feels are worthwhile. One cannot and will not be successful at obtaining a grant if one does not apply and seek said grant. With authorization to apply a person can apply for as many grants as one qualifies.  Grant applications typically take two weeks minimum to several months to process.  A person must be patient during this effort.  It was unclear if there was any method for monitoring progress.

It is unclear how this site and the information gathered might be tied to any other government agency databases.  It is possible that because of some other action the person currently is engaged in with another government agency that the person will not be eligible for applying for specific grants.  Just be aware that this might be a possibility.


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