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How to Annul a Marriage as Peacefully and Easily as Possible

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An annulment is like a divorce as two married people will no longer be married.  An annulment is not like a divorce as once the annulment is completed it is as if the couple was never married to begin with.  An annulment is like a divorce as there are legal activities that the couple needs to accomplish to complete the dissolution.  An annulment is not like a divorce as there is a legal reason in an annulment that the marriage cannot continue.  In a divorce the couple “simply” ends the marriage.  The reasons for an annulment are reasons like but not limited to the couple being too young to get married or they got married fraudulently.  Like a divorce, the dissolution can be friendly … or not.  Like a divorce, the couple can agree on how possession will be divided up … or not.  Like a divorce, experts say to find a very capable lawyer, not to engage in fight between the couple but to help the couple complete the annulment peacefully and as easily as possible.  The legalities of annulment must be satisfied.  Paperwork must be done and a friendly couple can do this quickly.  There will be a lot of details required from each of the couple as well as information on who is taking what.  Staying calm, keeping patient with each other will be very important during this time.  An annulment typically takes about six months to finalize.  It can cost anywhere from about $2,000 to $4,000 to do.

It is important to note that a legal annulment is not the same as a religious annulment like in the Roman Catholic Church. Religious entities have their own annulment (and divorce) process, so a couple to be both religiously and secularly annulled need to go through both processes separately. 

The laws of secular marriage, divorce and annulment belong to the state.  As usual the laws of annulment from state to state could have some differences so check on the laws and learn what to expect from the process.  Have some solid self-awareness about what is going on – it is one’s own life. 

It is clear that the laws of annulment can be used by one spouse to dissolve the marriage where the other spouse has no wish to do so.  It is clear that an annulment could end up being as messy and as nasty as any divorce has ever been.  Secular annulments typically have to occur within a four year limitation, but it is likely that there have been and that there will be exceptions to this rule. If it is peaceful and easy as the way the couple wants it to be, then it is totally up to the couple to keep things that way by their discussions and agreements and their issue or disagreement problem solving.  The tone of the process will be tone of the couple to each other as the annulment process rolls itself out.

It is recognized that this is a difficult time for the couple so it is important to have a lawyer who is sensitive to what the couple is going through.


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