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How Do I Get My Product Idea Manufactured?

Without manufacturing, a great idea can’t go any farther than your imagination. The trouble is that most inventors have no idea how to go from invention to manufacturing. As it turns out, there’s more than one way to do it. Remaining committed to the quality of your invention is the first step.


Different industries specialize in bringing different products to market. Accordingly, you may find it necessary to study a specific industry that produces items that are somewhat related to yours. Find out who the key players in the industry are and whether or not they have a history of licensing product ideas from inventors. You may be able to get a large company interested in your product and can work with them to get your invention to consumers. It’s probably best to work with an attorney if you hope to go this route. More than one inventor has lost rights to their idea to a big company because they didn’t understand the licensing terms.

Get Help with Design and Engineering

A manufacturer cannot put an item into production without a thorough understanding of the product, how it is made and what materials it requires. This means that you will need detailed manufacturing plans and a prototype. Use the website resources at the Thomas Register and the Industrial Designers Society of America to find a firm near you that specializes in bringing an idea to life. Working with these firms costs money, but this step is indispensable if you hope to have your invention manufactured. No manufacturer can or will work based on ideas from your head or the notes you scribbled on a napkin. The more professional and polished your presentation, the better your chances are of impressing a manufacturer.

Create a Business Plan

If you want to manufacture your invention, then you have to become an entrepreneur. That means coming up with a business plan, looking for investors and establishing a budget. All of these things can be complex and time consuming. Look for small business help from the federal government and see if a local chapter of SCORE, an organization of retired professionals who offer free help to small businesses, is available in your area. These organizations can help you get your business venture off and running. With a business plan and a well-engineered design, it will be possible to find a manufacturer for your invention.

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