How Do I Find a Template for a Letter Informing a Health Insurance Company of a Business Address Change?

In spite of ongoing technological advances in healthcare delivery, health insurance companies remain old-fashioned in several key ways. For instance, the typical health insurance company still expects its customers, partners and in-network providers to use "snail mail" for official correspondence. This is undoubtedly due to certain security and confidentiality considerations specific to the healthcare industry. Nevertheless, this rule can be inconvenient and frustrating for the individuals and entities that must follow it.

If you possess health insurance under a single-coverage plan and need to inform your provider of an upcoming address change, you'll need to include several pertinent pieces of information in your letter. First, provide your policy number. Many health insurance companies won't acknowledge correspondence that doesn't contain this important piece of information. Secondly, include your old address as well as the new address to which you'll be moving. If you've neglected to tell your provider about an already-completed move, be sure to mention the date on which the move occurred. Finally, you should include your federal tax ID number. Don't include your Social Security number or any other piece of unnecessary personal information.

If you're speaking for an entire business, your letter will need to look slightly different. For starters, you'll need to provide your business's policy number. You'll also need to provide the exact address to which your organization will be moving. If your business will be sharing an office with other organizations, be sure to provide the suite or floor number and all other relevant bits of identifying information. Your provider will need to know where to send claim forms, policy updates and other official correspondences. Finally, include your business's federal tax ID number at the bottom of your letter.

If you're speaking for an in-network healthcare provider, your letter will need to include all of this information. Additionally, it must include any information concerning changes to your operation or areas of practice. If your practice is adding new services or seeing a new class of patients, you must note this in your letter.

In addition to sending an official letter, it can't hurt to call your health insurance provider to confirm your change of address. If you're speaking for a business that's in the process of changing the state in which it's incorporated, you should be prepared to file additional paperwork. In some situations, you may even have to rework your group health insurance policy in order to conform to the laws or customs of your new home state.

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