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How Can I Get My Restaurant’s W2 Code to Do My Taxes Faster Online?

The early part of the year can be a frustrating time for American workers. Although federal and state taxes aren't technically due until April 15 of each year, many workers prefer to complete and file their tax returns by the beginning of March. These early filers avoid the last-minute rush and may receive their tax refunds several weeks earlier than "on-time" filers.

Unfortunately, employers must deal with their own last-minute tax crunches. In fact, most employers are faced with a dizzying array of tasks during the early part of the year. Even businesses that use third-party payroll-processing services to process and send out their tax forms may encounter substantial delays. If you're impatiently waiting for your employer to send you your W-2 or any other pertinent tax forms, it's important that you remain patient.

Although it's not guaranteed that you'll be able to do this, you may be able to game the system and receive your W-2 ahead of schedule. Your ability to receive an "accelerated" W-2 depends partially upon the whims and policies of your employer. Since W-2s are official tax documents that are governed by strict rules and regulations, you'll need to do more than simply ask your employer's payroll specialist to print out your form ahead of schedule.

Instead, you'll need to ask several important questions of your boss or payroll specialist. First, ask whether your business is included in the database. If you can't get a straight answer, simply navigate to and conduct a search for your employer. Many national retail and food-service chains can be found on this database. Once you've located your employer on it, you'll need to provide your Social Security number and a unique PIN number of your choosing.

If your employer can't be found on, you have two other options. First, check with your payroll specialist to determine whether your employer uses ADP's payroll processing services. Since ADP is the largest individual payroll processor in the United States, there's a strong possibility that your employer uses its services. If this is the case, you can navigate to ADP's website and use its proprietary database to find your W-2 information.

Finally, you may be able to obtain your W-2 using a service provided by QuickBooks. If you work for a relatively small business, this may be your best bet. Many small-time employers use QuickBooks to calculate their tax liabilities without spending thousands of dollars on a third-party service. To find your W-2 information using QuickBooks, simply navigate to

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