Government Grants For Funeral Expenses

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, the funeral and burial expenses can be quite a shock. Many families do not have any funeral savings and might need to scramble to collect enough money. Here are some of the government grants for funeral expenses.

“Government Employees Funds”

Religious, mutual aid associations and businesses might have special funds for their members to pay funeral costs. Likewise, the different departments of the government may also have special grants to pay for their employee’s family funerals. If a government employee can prove economic hardship, he or she may qualify for these death grants.

Social Security is the primary program for expenditures related to the death of a family member. The surviving spouse is entitled to one lump sum death benefit to offset funeral expenses. Monthly Social Security checks are sent to the surviving spouse and children.

The United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines also have charitable organizations to assist with funerals. Each will consider whether the surviving spouse or children are suffering from economic hardship. The Department of Veteran Affairs also has plenty of benefits for those who have served their country.

“Special Tragic Circumstances”

If your loved one died during the commission of a crime, a natural disaster or due to negligence on the part of an organization, you might qualify for a special government grant. Police departments and the Department of Justice have grants for crime victims. The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) provides individual grants and family grants during natural disasters.

There are also programs for a city, county or state government to assist with funeral expenses. Usually, the State Department of Human Services should be contacted for death benefits. If a family member was already receiving benefits under a government program when someone died, then he or she may qualify for help in burying the loved one.

The government has strict guidelines concerning how much can be disbursed for either funeral (cremation) or burial. The funds will either be allocated to the funeral parlor performing the services or an individual not legally responsible for the deceased in the form of a reimbursement claim.

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