Is Giuliani Facing Being Disbarred?

Giuliani being disbarred

During the rally immediately before the Capitol Hill riots, Giuliani said, “If we’re wrong, we will be made fools of, but if we’re right, a lot of them will go to jail. So let’s have trial by combat!”

And who could have possibly thought those words just might get Giuliani disbarred? Any sane person, actually. So what’s really going on?

The NY Bar Association’s In Their Own Words

NYSBA’s bylaws state that “no person who advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States, or of any state, territory or possession thereof, or of any political subdivision therein, by force or other illegal means, shall be a member of the Association.”

“Mr. Giuliani’s words quite clearly were intended to encourage Trump supporters unhappy with the election’s outcome to take matters into their own hands,” a spokeswoman for the group, Susan DeSantis, said in the statement. “Their subsequent attack on the Capitol was nothing short of an attempted coup, intended to prevent the peaceful transition of power.”

Well, that was pretty straightforward. But the NYSBA has not officially disbarred Giuliani. Yet. They are, however, making a “historic inquiry” into disbarring Giuliani. This inquiry has led many news outlets to jump to the conclusion that he’s been disbarred when he hasn’t been.

Although it does seem to be the inevitable conclusion to the Trump saga, with Giuliani already having racked up hundreds of complaints over the last few months.

Additionally, many reports indicate that Giuliani won’t be able to practice law if he’s disbarred, but that’s not the case. NYSBA is not a regulatory agency.

Either way, the investigation will give Giuliani the chance to defend himself and his actions. Though we’ve already heard a little bit of his defense already.

Giuliani Facing

Biden’s Newly-Threatened Impeachment… Wait, What?

The GOT Defense

After being faced with potentially being disbarred, he now claims that the “trial by combat” comment is a Game Of Thrones reference. Here’s the Wiki for reference if you’re not familiar with the series;

“A trial by combat is a means by which a party can prove their innocence when accused of a crime in the Seven Kingdoms. In lieu of a standard trial where a lord – or a council of them – hears testimony from the involved parties and makes a ruling, one or all parties may choose the option of a trial by combat.”

Trial by combat works by, well, fighting physically – duh. But you don’t necessarily need to fight for yourself, you can have other people fight in your place if you’re a Nobleman. … I’ll let that sink in.

Well, that “defense” doesn’t help Giuliani’s case. Like at all. And if that’s the kind of defense he comes up with for himself, the NY Bar Association is definitely onto something.

It’s a wonder Trump questioned his moves.

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