Forms For Dissolution Of Marriage In Ohio

Getting a divorce in Ohio requires filling out many different forms on your own and with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. These forms may be filled out with the assistance of a family lawyer or mediator, or they may be done on your own and submitted directly to the court in your county or municipality that deals with family affairs.

Required forms include:

  • Petition and Waiver of Service
  • Separation Agreement
  • Financial Disclosure Affidavits
  • Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

There are other forms that may be used depending on how contested or amicable the divorce is, but these are the four basic divorce papers you will need to fill out.

Petition and Waiver of Service

This is a single-page document proclaiming that both parties seek to dissolve their marriage. It details their personal information and proves that one or both members are residents of Ohio. It begins the process of divorce.

Separation Agreement

This is the longest form and will be the most difficult to complete, as it involves the unique nature of your split in terms of finances, child custody, support payments and property division. The assistance of a lawyer for either party or a mediator will be of great benefit when it comes to filling out this form. It details the assets held jointly by the couple as well as the date when the final asset division will take place.

The separation agreement also explains to the court the ways in which you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have already parted ways and includes reasoning behind your divorce such as infidelity, addiction, or the ever-popular “irreconcilable differences.”

Financial Disclosure Affidavits

This form provides additional safeguards for the court and is required for divorces in Ohio. It attests that the information about assets held separately or in common listed in the separation agreement is valid and true.

Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

This is the legal document that will be signed and stamped by a judge proclaiming that you are for all legal intents and purposes separated and divorced.

Other Divorce Forms

If you are divorcing amicably or without individual representation from a lawyer, you may need to file certain waivers of your rights. A Waiver of Representation means that you are okay without having a lawyer, a Waiver of 14-day Objection Period means that you don’t need to wait 14 days for your spouse to file an objection, and a Waiver of Property and Financial Documentation means that you trust that your soon-to-be ex-spouse was honest with his or her financial documentation in your separation agreement.

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