Five Things to Know about FedBizOpps and Federal Procurement

If you are involved in procurement law then you have probably already heard of FedBizOpps, which is short for Federal Business Opportunities. FedBizOpps serves as a kind of marketplace for federal government procurement opportunities. FedBizOpps is where government procurement projects valued in excess of $25,000 are listed. While FedBizOpps is not an exhaustive list of federal procurement opportunities, it is an essential source for those who are involved in the world of federal procurement. Here’s a look at some of the most important things you should know about FedBizOpps.

FedBizOpps Covers Federal Opportunities

FedBizOpps was started by a number of federal government agencies, including the Department of Transportation and NASA. While the scope of FedBizOpps has changed since its founding, it nonetheless remains exclusively devoted to federal procurement opportunities worth more than $25,000. This means that state and municipal procurement opportunities, which can also be highly lucrative, are not listed through the site.

FedBizOpps is Not Exhaustive

While FedBizOpps does cover a large range of federal procurement projects, it is not exhaustive and it should not be the only source that companies interested in government contracts use. As mentioned above, FedBizOpps does not cover municipal and state contracts nor does it list federal contracts that are worth less than $25,000. Furthermore, not all federal contracts over $25,000 are listed on FedBizOpps, especially since the site only lists non-classified contracts.

Registration Isn’t Required, but It Helps

FedBizOpps is a public website that can be used by anybody who has an internet connection. However, for those who want an easier way to search for contracts then registration is a must. Registration is free and doing so allows users to search for contract opportunities faster by finding contracts that are more relevant to them. Registration also gives users the chance to create a saved list of opportunities they are interested in and to view bid documents that may help them determine if the contract is a good fit for their company.

Not Everyone Can Register

Although registration is free, it’s important that you and your company meet some requirements beforehand. Vendors, for one, will need to be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM). Registration with is free and can be done online. Furthermore, when registering with FedBizOpps you will need to provide active DUNS, CAGE, and MPIN numbers as part of your business profile.

Advanced Searches Provide More Opportunities

Federal procurement opportunities are numerous and you may be looking for a very specific type of contract. The Advanced Search option allows you to narrow down your choices. For example, you can look for procurement opportunities that are seeking businesses that are owned by veterans, minorities, or women. Furthermore, you can refine your search for opportunities based on their size, which can help you find the opportunities that are a better match for your company.

Government procurement opportunities are essential for many businesses, both big and small. By providing a database where many of these opportunities are gathered together in one place, vendors have a convenient source for finding contracts that can help their businesses succeed.

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