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Five Big Advantages of Working for a Big Law Firm

If you’re just out of law school, then you are probably wondering where to start your career. Alternatively, you may have already racked up years of experience practicing law and are now considering a change of pace. Regardless of where you are in your career, you may have considered working for a big law firm, also known as a megafirm. Or you may have been offered a position with such a firm and are wondering if you should take it. Working for a big law firm is definitely a unique experience. While life at a boutique firm may be ideal for some, for those who want the challenge and experience that comes with working in big law then there are numerous benefits.


Big law firms may lack the intimacy of boutique firms, but they offer a wealth of resources for their lawyers. You can expect impressive law libraries, access to continuing education, in-house mentoring programs, excellent copying facilities, and even restaurants and health facilities at the very best big law firms. All those resources can be used to make yourself a better lawyer for your clients.

Better pay

Megafirms tend to have deep pockets and attract major clients, which means the pay at those firms tends to be much higher. Simply put, renumeration at a big firm is much better than it would be at a typical smaller firm. If your main career goals are monetary in nature or you simply desire an improvement in your lifestyle then big law may be your best fit.


Big law is called big law for a reason: the largest law firms have thousands of lawyers, sometimes spread out over multiple countries. The largest law firm, for example, employs over 7,000 lawyers in both Asia and North America. Those numbers and that geographic scope makes it extremely easy to make excellent contacts in your field. Furthermore, because big law firms offer excellent salaries, they also tend to attract excellent legal talent, meaning that the contacts you do make will be all the more valuable.

Complex cases

Of course, money is not everything when it comes to law. Another advantage of working for a megafirm is that you are more likely to be handling very complex and challenging cases. That’s because clients that have complex needs, such as those involved in class action lawsuits, international trade cases, and so on, demand more attention and resources than a small firm can provide. If you really want to put your law school training to use then big law may be the way to go.


Not only will you be able to make contacts with some of the best lawyers around, but a big law firm can also offer extensive support staff to make your job easier. Along with administrative support, you can also expect in-house IT, file clerks, data entry clerks, paralegals, librarians, and secretaries. That support staff will allow you to get a lot more accomplished in a lot less time.

Big law can be pretty intimidating, but if you want a legal career that is fast-paced, challenging, and rewarding, the cases offered at a big law firm may be just what you are looking for.

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