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Filing a Quit Claim in Florida

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The Florida Quit Claim Deed is for a fast transfer of real estate without the normal guarantees that adhere to a title. The buyer cannot be completely sure that the property is free-and-clear of any encumbrances. Therefore, this quit claim is oftentimes used between parties who are not interested in those legal requirements.

Writing a Quit Claim

There are many legal elements to a property and the Quit Claim merely states that the owner will reject his claim and transfer it to another party. The [] symbol denotes the use of a blank line _____ for filling in later after the form is printed.

“This Quick Claim Deed has been made on [Date]
Between [Seller of property]
At the following mailing address: [Fill in street address and apartment number]
[City, state and Zip Code]
Hereinafter referred to as the First Party,

And [Buyer of property]
At the following mailing address: [Fill in street address and apartment number]
[City, state and Zip Code]
Hereinafter called the Second Party,”

Notary Public Witness

You must print out the form with the blank sections. But do not fill them in. The two parties transferring the property must fill in these areas in the presence of a notary public. You can find the exact legal description of your property in the county clerk’s office, public records for deeds.

“Witness, that the First Party, for the amount of [Fill in the sale price] paid by the Second Party, does hereby remise, release and quit-claim unto the Second Party of the property located at [Fill in the official lot number and county] in the State of Florida.”

“Tax Folio Number: [Showing taxes have been paid]”

It is a legal requirement in Florida that you have two disinterested witnesses.

“In witness thereof this [Fill in the date]

Witness 1: [Sign name]

Witness 2: [Sign name].”

Notary Public Requirements

Include enough space for a notary public seal or stamp at the bottom and right of the form. The notary public stamp will include blanks for his name, date and the expiration date of his commission. He is the legal witness to the quit claim transfer. There might be a small fee for his services.

You must record your quit claim with the county clerk’s office paying all applicable fees.


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