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Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

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An important element of life is safety, security and low crime rates. Many people will consider the crime rates for a nation before moving. Here are the countries with the lowest crime rates in the world.

Islands, Asian and Northern European Countries

Generally, a population that is fairly homogenous will tend to have a lower crime rate. The culture adheres to a uniform standard of conduct and it is easier to manage affairs. The list of the countries with the lowest crime rates changes, but at the bottom of the top ten list are Cyprus (you can still leave your doors unlocked), Denmark (high rate of police to the population) and Iceland (prisoners can visit their families).

A common trait of these countries is the number of police per capita. Most of these safe nations average 200 to 300 assigned to 100,000 inhabitants. A police officer creates a law-abiding presence that keeps the people in line.

The next three countries are Ireland (low murder rate), Japan (very structured society) and Luxembourg (also claiming to be the happiest country in the world.) Most of these countries have small sizes making it easier for the police to patrol and prevent crime.

Low Crime Leads to High Quality of Life

Another factor tends to be income levels. Some criminals are poor and steal because they don’t have much to lose. Countries with wealthier citizens tend to avoid blue-collar crime.

The next three are Bahrain (1,900 police per 100,000), Hong Kong (highest Web-surfing speeds), and Singapore (stiff penalties for theft.) Thus, three fairly small Asian countries have achieved low crime rates. There are still very serious penalties for drug, sex and theft crimes in these traditionally conservative nations.

Broken Windows Theory of Crime

Governments have a theory of crime, called the “Broken Windows” concept whereby people who are more likely to engage in crime will be lazier and not fix basic elements of their surroundings, like chipped paint, long grass and broken windows. The #1 nation in the world for low crime has quite a reputation for the cleanliness of its streets, precision and tight immigration control: Switzerland.

Switzerland is know for high-quality, precision, good watches, chocolate, cheese and banking. Its cold climate is also conducive to low crime. This nation has a relatively diverse mixture of French, German and Italian influences, which it controls very effectively.


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