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Can I Check My Driver’s License Status Online?

Can I Check My Drivers’ License Status Online

Are you curious about the status of your driver’s license? Wondering if it’s been suspended or revoked? You can easily find out by checking your driver’s license status online. All you need is your driver’s license number and state of residence. Check out this helpful guide to learn how to check your driver’s license status online.


What Is The Process For Checking Your Driver’s License Status Online?

There are other options for checking the status of your driver’s license, like in person or by mail, but doing it online can be so much easier. You can do so by going online to your states’ department of motor vehicles website and entering the necessary information to view the status of your driver’s license. 

On most occasions, the information that the DMV requires from you would be your:

  • Your full name
  • SSN
  • State ID number or driver’s license number
  • Your date of birth

You should also note that based on which state you reside in, the DMV could be referred to as the Department Of Public Safety or the Motor Vehicle Division. 

The Process For Checking Your Drivers License Status Online

What Information Is Available On The DMV Website?

Each state has its motor vehicle department where persons can walk in or go online to access their licensing information

On the DMV website, drivers will gain access to their licensing information, apply for a new license, vehicle registration services, make appointments, have an address changed if they have moved to a new address, etc. 

DMV drivers license status online

How To Read Your Driver’s License Status Code? 

Your driver’s license status codes are necessary because these codes make you aware of which type of vehicle you’re driving. There can be fines or penalties if someone is driving a car, motorcycle, or truck they’re not licensed to operate. 

Drivers should become familiar with their driver’s license status codes. All drivers will be able to find these codes on the back of their drivers’ licenses, and as a motorist, it’s always required of you to be aware. 

Drivers’ License Status Online status code

What Do The Different Driver’s License Status Codes Mean?

Each driver’s license status code is grouped into a major category followed by a sub-category. Drivers that fall into the class; codes A to A1 are licensed to drive motorcycles. Licenses with codes B, B1, and B2 should be able to drive goods vehicles, buses, or minibusses, and Codes that fall under C, D, BE, and CE are permitted to drive heavier vehicles. 

Check My Drivers’ License Status online and their status codes

How To Check If a License Is Suspended Online

How To Get a Copy Of Your Driving Record 

Your driving record or MVR (motor vehicle report) is vital as a licensed driver because you can find your complete driving history there. Some of the information included on the driving record outlines a driver’s license information, any fines, DUI information or revocations, speeding tickets, etc. 

Get a copy of your driving record from the DMV. Any offenses a driver commits can leave a negative impact on their record. Depending on the state where someone lives, a violation can stay there for a couple of years. Also, note that a request for the MVR can be made in person, by mail, or done online.

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