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Biden’s Newly-Threatened Impeachment… Wait, What?

Let me recap this roller-coaster that’s been the last week for you real quick. Ready?

Trump tries to get Pence to overturn certification, Pence nopes the F out so Trump incites a mob, mob storms capital, Giuliani is facing being disbarred for his comments at the speech, Trump debates pardoning himself, Trump gets impeached a second time and is – thus – unable to pardon himself, Trump stops paying lawyer (Giuliani) because he got impeached, and then… wait for it… Biden gets threatened with Impeachment.

We’re a little under a week until Biden’s sworn into office, and Biden’s already being threatened with impeachment before he’s even started his first day on the job.

Seriously… will the nonsense not just end?


Biden’s Impeachment

Georgia’s newly elected Republican Rep., Marjorie Taylor Greene, posted on Twitter that she will be bringing articles of impeachment against Biden the day after his inauguration for “abuse of power.” Though she didn’t go into more detail than that about what exactly her charges were going to be, she did add a few hashtags one of them – admittedly – hilariously read “QuidProJoe.”

So… basically, Democrats impeached Trump so impeach Biden because #QuidProJoe? The entire thing would be laughable if it wasn’t such a ludacris waste of taxpayer money.

She said her motivation is to stand up for the 75 million Americans who are fed up with inaction in the government. “It’s time to take a stand … I’m proud to be the voice of the Republican voters who have been ignored.”

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