Best Ways to Obtain Cell Phone Records

There are many reasons why you may at some point need to obtain cell phone records for either someone calling you or someone else you may suspect of nefarious activity. Whether it is a cheating spouse, a harassing friend or ex, or even an annoying telemarketer you wish to take to litigation; the cell phone records can help greatly in delivering the smoking gun. What can be slightly confusing is just how to get those records and whether or not those methods are exactly legal or a violation of privacy rights. Depending on the situation, you may need to use a different method when it comes to obtaining those records. We will look at a few scenarios and the best means of obtaining records based on them.

1. The cheating spouse who is still in the home: This is among the easiest of methods since the records may actually already be in your possession. If the spouse is hiding them or simply not having them delivered, you can call the provider and easily sweet-talk your way into getting them. You already know much of the personal info required to satisfy the provider’s security and can either get records e-mailed to you or get the password reset to their online account. This is among the easiest ways to get records if you can.

2. The soon to be ex-spouse not in the home: This may require a little trickery but if your spouse has not changed their online account information, this is quite easy. You can simply log in to the account and get any records you want. If they have changed the account information, you will need to try the same above method of calling the provider and getting the records. If the provider has some knowledge of the situation, you can try to persuade them to release the records to you.

3. Harassment: This comes in a few forms from the stalker, ex-friend or lover, or the collection agency harassing you. Most use blocked numbers, which makes this a two-part issue. You first call your provider and get the info for the blocked number stating that this is a harassment issue. Most customer service agents will be happy to assist you. You then take the number and either do a reverse lookup online or for a better touch, you can get assistance from a law enforcement officer if you have one as a friend or family member. They can do the lookup and even put some heat on the harassing party to make the problem stop as well as get the call records for a court case if needed.

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