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Best Way To Search For A Federal Tax ID Number

The United States government uses many identification numbers to track individuals and businesses. The Federal Tax ID Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is used primarily for the tax administration of organizations by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Here is the best way to search for a Federal Tax ID Number.

You Can Contact the Internal Revenue Service

Typically, people won’t even know they need a Federal Tax ID number until they start filling out some tax or employee benefit’s form. At that point, the easiest thing for them to do is contact the company they work to find the information. Usually, the human resources or accounting departments should know the EIN for your firm.

If your company does not know its Tax ID Number, then you can contact the IRS directly. The Internal Revenue Service is responsible for issuing the EIN to a new business. The IRS also might need to issue a new EIN if there is a change in ownership of the business. The primary website for the IRS is “”.

The EIN is nine digits long. The IRS emphasizes that this ID is for the tax administration purposes of a sole proprietor, employer, corporation, trust or government agency. It is to be issued to the owner, grantor or trustee of said organization. The EIN issuance is limited to “one per responsible party per day.” The IRS is very intent on ensuring that only qualified people are applying for the EIN. A third-party applicant must acknowledge his status to the agency as a Third Party Designee (TPD).

Applicants can file online for the EIN or fill out the paper copy of the Form SS-4. The online application process is available for any organization with a principal business address in the United States. The EIN is not to be used in place of a Social Security Number (SSN).

Look Up Tax ID Online

Two other options for finding your Tax ID are 1) your bank or 2) online. The Internet has blossomed with numerous sites that can fulfill any of your needs. A private investigator or lawyer may want to look up the list of companies associated with each Federal Tax ID number using these online databases.

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