Best Way to Register Trademarks

The best way to register a trademark is the only way to register a trademark. Business owners must go to The United States Patent and Trade Office website at and click on Trademarks. The trademark section walks users through filing a trademark. Business owners can register a trademark on their own or they may contact an attorney specializing in patents and trademarks. There are a lot of details and legal issues regarding filing a trademark properly. If a trademark is registered incorrectly, your trademark may not be protected.

If you do decide to register your trademark on your own, the website will walk you through the steps, forms, and actual filing. All of this can be done online at You will need to gather some information before registering your trademark:

Create your trademark

? Choose the right classification for your business from the list of choices on the website

? Search the USPTO website to see if someone has the same trademark.

? Method of Payment as it is due at time of application

? Next, you will complete the actual application form online. You can preview a PDF of the form before completing and submitting the online application. The PDF file is lengthy at 31 pages.

Here are just some of the questions asked on the trademark registration form:

? Owner of the trademark

? Business name

? Type of business

? Address

? A specimen of the trademark

? Details of any prior use of the trademark

Once the application has been submitted, an attorney for the USPTO will review the application. Be prepared to wait a few months.

If the attorney approves the application, USPTO will issue a certificate of registration to the applicant.

If the attorney refuses the application, you will receive a letter explaining the decision. If the attorney just needs some minor changes, you will generally have about six months to make the changes. If the changes are not acceptable, the application will be refused and will no longer be considered.

If you are uncertain of how to complete any of the steps in the process, it will be in your best interests to hire a lawyer specializing in trademarks. You do not want to have your application rejected as someone else could register a similar trademark. If that happens, you will not be able to register yours.

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