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Best Way to Get Extended Unemployment Benefits

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In 2013, the Congress voted to extend the federal unemployment benefits to last through a full year. Whether or not you qualify for an unemployment extension varies depending on your state’s unemployment rate as well as the date of your unemployment claim. You would have to check your state’s unemployment office in order to see specific details for who qualifies for extending their benefits. You can also find information including how and when extended benefits are paid.

About Unemployment Benefits
As of 2013, there are four different tiers for unemployment benefits. In the first tier, you will get unemployment for 14 weeks. In the second tier, you will get unemployment for another 14 weeks if your state has an unemployment rate that is higher than 6 percent. In the third tier, you can get unemployment for another 9 weeks if your state has an unemployment rate that is higher than 7 percent. In tier 4 you can get unemployment if your state has an unemployment rate that is higher than 9 percent. It is important to realize that once you have exhausted all of the 4 tiers chances are pretty good that the federal government will not be willing to give you any more money. This is because by this time the government expects and assumes that you would have had enough time.

For 2013, the maximum number of weeks of unemployment that anyone is entitled to is 73 weeks. This includes the state unemployment benefits which are a maximum of 26 weeks. Again, once you have exhausted your state and your federal unemployment benefits, there is nothing you are going to be able to do to acquire anymore benefits with the exception of the extended benefits program. Unfortunately, you will have to pursue a new job once you have exhausted all of these options.

Extended Benefits Program
In the event that your state has an extremely high unemployment rate it is possible to apply for extended unemployment through the extended benefits program. This program will provide you with extended unemployment benefits for a period of 13 to 20 weeks. This program is for individuals who have used all of their regular unemployment state benefits as well as the emergency unemployment compensation. In order to qualify for this program your state must have a specific unemployment rate. Unfortunately, that unemployment rate does different from one state to the next. It also does change from one year to the next. You can contact your local unemployment office to see what the current unemployment rate is and whether or not you qualify for extended benefits.


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