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How To Get a Utah Concealed Weapon Carry Permit valid in 31 States

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At the writing of this article 33 of the 50 sovereign US States in America (including Utah itself) recognize the Utah Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) as valid within their state borders.  Nevada is listed as the most recent State to acknowledge the Utah permit.  It is also listed as one State that may reverse this acknowledgement based on pending Nevada State legislature.  One of the oddities and unusual benefits of the Utah CWP is that a person does not have to be a state resident to be able to obtain this permit.  One of the expectations that a person can have is that the State of Utah has strict rules on who can obtain this permit.  Anyone can apply and pay $63 for the pleasure of being scrutinized as a part of the permit background investigation … done by the FBI.  But, each person that submits an application must be able to check off a series of points or question about his or her own personal background prior to sending in the application.  The applicant …

  • … must be at least 21 years old;
  • … must have a valid driver’s license;
  • … must have a “fingerprint card” taken and recorded by a certified technician; the card must be legible and completely and correctly filled-out;
  • … must submit a picture that is “passport quality” for the permit with the application;
  • … must have a certificate of “weapons training” by a certified trainer, again, not from the state of Utah, submitted with the application
  • … must not have any recorded felony convictions;
  • … must not have any recorded crime of violence;
  • … must not have any recorded conviction due to alcohol, controlled substances, or unlawful use of any narcotic;
  • … must not have any domestic violence convictions; [this is listed separately as many states view this crime as unique from other convictions from violent crimes]
  • … must not have any adjudications of being incompetent mentally, unless it was withdrawn or reversed;
  • … must not have any convictions for offences identified as being against the moral goodness and honesty and justice that is standard in the;  also known as a crime of “moral turpitude”;
  • … must not submit an application with any of the offending convictions existing else the applicant will be warranted for arrest for violation of the Utah CWP application laws;

   This one point is a part of the application as a stated notice of warning that the applicant is subject to arrest and prosecution if the applicant submits the application with one of the checked off points is untrue.  The supposition is that the applicant knows whether or not any of these convictions has occurred in the applicant’s past and is therefore trying to fraudulently obtain the CWP.

 Apparently the FBI background check as well as the weapons handling training course are separate expenses that will cost the applicant two or three hundred dollars.  Divide the total cost of actually getting the CWP in hand by 33 states.  If it all totaled $660, it is a cost of only $20 per state!  Such a deal!


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