A corporation sole is one consisting of one person only, and his successors in some .particular station, who are incorporated by law in order to give them some legal capacities and advantages, particularly that of perpetuity, which in their natural persons they could not have had. In this sense, the sovereign in England is a sole corporation, so is a bishop, so are some deans distinct from their several chapters, and so is every parson and vicar. 3 Steph. Comm. 168. 169; 2 Kent, Comm. 273. Warner v. Beers, 23 Wend. (N. Y.) 172; Codd v. Itathbone. 19 N. Y. 39; First Parish v. Dunning, 7 Mass. 447. A corporation aggregate is one composed of a number of individuals vested with corporate powers; and a “corporation,” as the word is used in general popular and legal speech, and as defined at the head of this title, means a “corporation aggregate.”

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