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What Is a Holographic Will?

A will is an essential legal document that clarifies what happens to an individual’s assets after they die. It defines the assets that compose the estate, the beneficiaries, the executor, the caretaker

Living Will – The Pros & Cons You Need to Know

Medical situations happen unexpectedly, and unfortunately, many of us could face a medical emergency someday. However, in some medical emergencies, patients cannot declare to their loved ones or doctors what treatments they

Trust and Will

Trusts & Wills Outline I. Introduction a. Definitions i. Right of alienation 1. The right to pass on property when you die ii. Right of testation 1. The right to decide who

Can I Find Someone’s Will?

If you are a beneficiary of an estate, you may want a copy of someone’s will for a number of reasons. Can I find someone’s will? Here is the answer. Will is

How To Write A Will For Free

Many people incorrectly assume that estate planning is something reserved for the wealthy. Writing a last will and testament is the cornerstone of estate planning, and it is something that can be

Getting A Copy Of A Last Will And Testament

As with any legal request, getting a copy of someone’s last will and testament depends on the details. While it is impossible to request to look at a living person’s will, also


a will made by more that one person where the money or property to be granted is owned by all people making the will.


a will where the maker does not provide for his wife or for any children.


the name of a will where 2 or more people have provisions favouring each other.


will not operative because the grants and bequests are contrary to the existing laws.


a term that applies to a will that is in the handwriting of the maker of the will.