How Do I Know If I Have Outstanding Traffic Tickets?

Written by Christi Hayes and Fact Checked by The Law Dictionary Staff  

Having outstanding traffic tickets can lead to serious legal and financial consequences. Some outstanding tickets to lead to individuals having warrants out for their arrest that could lead to increased fines and even a jail sentence. However, individuals might not always know if they have any outstanding traffic tickets. Fortunately, there are ways for people to find out whether or not they have any outstanding traffic tickets so that they can take care of them and get any outstanding balances off their records.


Perhaps the easiest way to determine whether individuals have any outstanding traffic tickets is for them to simply call their local Department of Motor Vehicles offices and get one of the clerks there to run their driver’s license numbers for them. Driver’s licenses that have outstanding tickets will usually show up in the DMV’s database since outstanding tickets can affect an individual’s driving privileges. Some state’s DMVs also offer online search tools that allow people to search their driver’s licenses themselves. The returned results will usually contain information on all traffic violations, accidents, endorsements and restrictions that are associated with the driver’s license numbers that were inputted into the search fields.

County Clerk

Alternatively, people can also determine whether they have any outstanding tickets by calling the county clerk’s office of the county in which they think that they might have outstanding tickets. Some county’s court websites offer online tools that allow users to run their driver’s license numbers to determine whether they have any outstanding tickets in their counties. This is ideal way for people to check for any outstanding tickets without necessarily drawing the county’s attention to the fact that they have outstanding tickets.

Third-Party Sites

There are also a variety of third-party sites that allow people to find out whether they have any outstanding tickets. These types of sites might be most ideal for people who have had driver’s licenses from more than one state and want to get all the information in one report. Third-party sites can help cut down on the time and expense that it would take them to order a separate driver’s license report from each state that they’ve ever had a driver’s license in.

Addressing any outstanding traffic tickets is essential for people who want to clean up their driving records and keep their financial records unaffected as well since traffic tickets can have a negative impact on credit scores. Determining whether or not individuals have any outstanding tickets is relatively simple to do as well.

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